RecroGrid Framework

A framework that includes everything you need for developing a robust business management software in ASP.NET Core

The RecroGrid Framework comes ready-to-use with components that are essential elements of a business management software, both on the client and server side. While the components' behavior can be fully influenced at the source code level, this is only necessary if you deviate from the default functionality.

By using the RecroGrid Framework, development time can be reduced by 50-80%, even when replacing a previously familiar or proven library. There is no need to create template code, you only need to implement the unique properties, allowing significantly more time for business logic.

Main Features and Benefits

RGF.Core RecroGrid NuGet Downloads

Database Management

SQL Server, Postgre SQL, Oracle

Utilizing Entity Framework

Graphical User Interface

  • ASP.NET Core Blazor packages for the RecroGrid Framework
    RGF.Bootstrap.UI RGF.DevExpress.UI RGF.Radzen.UI RGF.Syncfusion.UI RGF.Telerik.UI
  • Javascript: jQuery, jQuery UI

The components are generated by the system at runtime, compile-time, or in a hybrid manner based on the database and custom parameters. No additional code is needed unless you want it. Create various List, Form, Menu views at runtime. User-specific settings and filters can be saved as preferences.


  • Authentication: OIDC, ASP.NET Identity, Custom linked database
  • Authorization: Runtime parameterizable field-level authorization system
  • Audit: Tracking data changes in the database

The authorization system is independent of the authentication type, which can be parameterized through a visual interface at runtime. The system stores user activities related to data in the database.