Recrovit.RecroGridFramework Namespace



RecroDict The RecroDict is an independent, standalone multilingual dictionary module that can be used on its own.
RecroGrid RecroGrid base class.
RecroGridColumnDefs Column definition to be sent to the client side.
RecroGridCustomFunctionEventArgs Helper class for executing custom functionality in RecroGrid List view.
RecroGridRGClientColumn Helper class for customizing the field to be sent to the client.
RecroGridRGEntity RecroGrid Entity.
RecroGridRGFilter Filter helper class.
RecroGridRGFilterRGCondition Condition class.
RecroGridRGGetDataParam Parameters of data query.
RecroGridRGOption RecroGrid option setting class.
RecroGridRGProperty The properties of the single element of the RGF Entity.
RecroGridRGServiceParams Helper class used for communication between client and server.
RecroGridRGServiceParamsBinder RGServiceParamsBinder
RecroGridRGState RecroGrid Status
RecroGridTemplateParams Parameters for creating a template.
RecroGridBaseController The RecroGrid Controller.
RecroGridConfig RecroGridConfig
RecroGridContext RecroGridContext
RecroGridDBCTEntity RecroGrid base class for handling DbContext-based data.
RecroGridDynTEntity This is a base class for non-database stored data.
RecroGridETEntity RecroGrid base class for data stored in the database.
RecroTrack The RecroTrack is an independent, standalone module for tracking data changes and versions.
RecroTrackA The RecroTrack is an independent, standalone module for tracking data changes and versions.
RGAccessDeniedException RecroGrid permission exception.
RGClientParam Update and Delete methods get the parameters, that contain the data from the client and entity properties.
RGCustomException RecroGrid Exception base class.
RGDictionaryCallbackParam Parameters to fill dictionary in case of Callback type.
RGFormViewModel Model Class for the Partial View to create RecroGrid Form View.
RGUIMessages Message to User on client-side.


IRecroGridContext IRecroGridContext
IRecroGridDelete Interface for deleting data.
IRecroGridInitNew Interface for new data rec initialization.
IRecroGridRec Defining all interfaces belonging to RecroGrid in the entity.
IRecroGridUpdate Interface for data modification or new entry.


RecroGridRGEntityCategoryEnum RecroGrid category.
RecroGridRGFilterLogicalOperatorEnum Logical operators
RecroGridRGFilterSQLOperatorEnum SQL operators
RecroGridRGOptionOptionKeys Predefined options in RecroGrid.
RecroGridRGOptionOptionKeysD Dynamical options on server side.
RecroGridRGPropertyFormTypeEnum The types used in the RGF Form view.
RecroGridRGPropertyListTypeEnum The types used in the List view on the RGF client side.
RecroGridTemplateModeEnum Modes of template generation.